Michigan Universities Add COVID-19 Booster to Vaccine Requirements | News

Some students across the state will need a boost before returning to class.

Central Michigan University has joined with other Michigan colleges in adding a COVID-19 booster to its vaccine needs next semester.

The University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University all have a recall requirement. When CMU students and staff return next year, they will need to vaccinate or test weekly.

CMU President Bob Davies said just under 80 percent of students are vaccinated and over 90 percent of faculty and staff. His team discussed going virtual but decided not to.

“We talked about the possibility of going remotely for the first week or two, and when we look at the number of our cases, both in Isabella County, within our university community as well as with the vaccination rates that we have, we decided that was not a viable course of action for us, ”Davies said.

CMU will always have an indoor mask mandate no matter what, regardless of vaccination status.

Nathan Makowski struggled with online classes and is happy this tenure helps keep people on campus – he’s vaccinated and boosted

“What I really think this decision made possible is that everyone continues to come together, to have these interpersonal relationships like being on campus for class,” Makowski said.

President Davies encourages everyone to get tested before coming to campus and to continue to do so for the first two weeks. He said if students are not vaccinated and given tests, they could face fines.

Faculty and staff would face disciplinary action as part of the staff process. For anyone eligible for a recall, the CMU deadline to get one is January 17.

According to the university, more than 1,000 staff and students have already uploaded proof of a recall.

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