It is undeniably true that air conditioning is now a part of every household.  It is because people now are living a very busy lives and the demand to relax after a day of hard work is high.  The changes of the climate, which become warmer, contributed to the demand of air conditioning systems in the world.  Installing for your house or businesses is a hard decision, because of the financial implication it brings, maintaining it is another burden. It would be practical for most home owners, to at least have a basic knowledge in trouble shooting their appliances, to minimized expenses.  Here are some techniques to identify ac problems, before it goes worst.  Check for the following from cool earth aircon services:


  1. The air coming out from the AC is not cold.  AC units are design to bring cold and clean air into rooms, lobbies and offices. When the AC releases hot air, there must be problem somewhere in the cooling system.  Try to check if the thermostat is set in the desired temperature or try to clean the air filters.  You can also try to check the condenser. Clean it from some debris, like tall weeds and other substances.  If still it doesn’t work, try to call a technician.
  2. The air pressure is very weak. This is a symptom that the air filters needs cleaning.  Dust particles or other dirt, may blocked the airflow, which results to weak air pressure or no pressure at all.  You need to remove the filter and clean it thoroughly. The purpose to get rid of substances that blocked the air way.
  3. Unpleasant noise from your AC, while in operation, suggest that there is something wrong with it. You need to check it and if you are not sure of how to do it, get the services of a technician.
  4. The unit does not power on.  If the condition is like this, try to unplug the AC.  If it’s possible, remove the covering and check for the connectivity.  Or you may want to check the switch.  If you don’t have basic knowledge in electricity, it’s better for you to call a technician.

These few simple techniques, will allow you to troubleshoot your AC. But, as I have mentioned earlier, if you don’t have electrical background, have it check by a technician. This is to avoid accidents and to keep you safe. Air conditioning systems are composed of many components and most of them play an essential role in its operation. Electricity runs through it, and it requires proper handling. Improper handling might cause damage into the system.

Most AC problems originate from the compressor.  It is not easy to invest in a new AC system, but if you want to get the latest models, those are energy efficient.  This will result in savings in your monthly electricity bill.  Aside from helping yourself in the process, you are also helping in keeping a clean environment.  Latest models are design to be very environmentally friendly.