C3 provides important innovations and benefits for students and guidance counselors. The student/guidance counselor side of the C3 applications service means a better, simpler way to apply to college. Instead of paper, whiteout, and snailmail, students and counselors can use the web to develop a complete, error-checked admissions application. Given that all C3 application forms are based on a professional level database management system, you can complete your application securely over successive internet sessions.

Students and guidance counselors can hyperlink from C3 directly to the ACT Assessment web registration site. Similar to the admissions application service, this web based registration system makes it simpler, easier, and faster to register for the ACT Assessment.

Students and guidance counselors can also take advantage of the free, powerful C3 College Search engine. Based on thorough, accurate data compiled about colleges through ACT’s Institutional Data Questionnaire, the C3 college web search provides one of the most comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date technologies available for efficiently culling through college information and identifying suitable colleges for study.

Visit the C3 site often to take advantage of the growing suite of web based services provided by ACT and CollegeNET.