C3–short for College Connector/CollegeNET–is a suite of web based admissions services developed jointly by ACT, Inc. and CollegeNET.
C3‘s primary service entails developing and maintaining for your college a fully web-based, custom-tailored, admissions application faithfully branded to your institution. As such, you may point to it directly from your institution homepage without compromising the look and feel appropriate to your college’s image. The C3 admissions application service was pioneered by CollegeNET and currently serves approximately 250 institutions worldwide.

In addition to providing you with a web-based admissions application you can seamlessly present through your own homepage, ACT and CollegeNET also make your application directly available from several highly targeted, trafficked websites including this C3 site. Because the C3 website is heavily promoted by ACT and CollegeNET to thousands of high school guidance counselors and hundreds of thousands of students taking the ACT assessment, you gain important, targeted potential for attracting applications to your institution.

The C3 web applications service also provides numerous efficiency and workflow enhancement benefits to your institution. These include the receipt of complete, error-checked admissions application forms that can be directly uploaded to your computerized admissions systems (eg. PeopleSoft, Datatel, SCT Banner). Further, the C3 system provides several industry leading back-end features that ensure efficient, personalized communications with prospective applicants.

If you are a college admissions professional and would like to receive a full description and demonstration of the C3 application service, contact us.