Motorcycle loan – terms

If you are thinking of buying a new motorcycle then it is also not unreasonable that you are looking for a motorcycle loan to finance the deal. Conveniently, several lenders have where most of the classic big banks have specially designed MC loans.

Loan with collateral

Loan with collateral

An MC loan is a loan with collateral which means that you offer the lender something valuable as collateral for the loan. This can be, for example, a house or a car. In this case, it is instead the motorcycle that will stand as collateral for the loan.

The big advantage of a loan with collateral is that there will be a lesser risk for the lender to lend money when, as I said, there is collateral. If a borrower fails to pay back the loan repayments, the lender may require that the collateral be sold and that the money from the sale be used to repay the loan. This means that the interest rate is often lower for these types of loans.

Common terms for an MC loan

Common terms for an MC loan

Like all types of loans, there are certain conditions that you should keep in mind. The first thing that is good to know is that you will not be able to use the motorcycle as collateral for the entire loan. You can only get a loan-to-value ratio of up to 80% of the cost.

The remaining 20% ​​must therefore be financed in some other way. This can then be through saved money, exchanges or another loan taken to pay the money. That loan you cannot have the motorcycle as collateral why it is usually the question of a private loan. However, it is best if you have saved money so it is enough.

Furthermore, there are rules that say that the motorcycle must not be old when you buy it. Usually it must not be more than 9 years old. Therefore, if you want to buy a used motorcycle, it is important to check the age so that you can borrow money.

Furthermore, a number of requirements will be imposed on yourself as a borrower for a lender to approve an application. The basic requirement is that you must be of legal age, but it can sometimes be required that you, for example, be 20 years old to borrow. You also need to have an income each month that the lender feels is big enough to pay back the loan. How much this income needs to be is largely controlled by the price of the motorcycle. If you have payment notes, this is usually an obstacle to borrowing money.

Lastly, you may want to consider what loans the MC dealers can offer. They often have their own solutions that you can use. And there is nothing that says it must be more expensive than borrowing from any major bank. Best of all is to look at the alternatives carefully before making a decision.

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